Reflection: Lesson Planning Adding Media to Your Blog - Section 1: Introduction and Context


I have tried this lesson two ways -- teaching the posting/editing conventions without much care for content and vice-versa.  Through trial and error, I think it best to ask students to think of these process in two large steps -- that is find and store the content AND then follow the directions for adding it.  If students are asked to be thoughtful about what they choose for additional media AND they have had time to choose it, the paragraph descriptions are much richer.  

Granted, they could post any-old-thing and then write about it at a later time, but, I still believe it is better to think through the FULL writing task (namely that I am representing myself in image and video and explaining myself therefore) before actually writing.

  why it is important to create a homework assignment to find content
  Lesson Planning: why it is important to create a homework assignment to find content
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Adding Media to Your Blog

Unit 9: Blogging About Your Research Interests and Writing
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT add appropriate media elements to their new blogs, creating new sources of relevant content.

Big Idea: ... blogging is a ubiquitous form of academic, professional, and personal expression ...

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English / Language Arts, blogging, writing on the web, Blog
  30 minutes
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