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Writing workshop days are my least favorite days as a teacher.  I know going into it, it is going to be a day filled with struggles and students who shut down, so it is a mentally challenging day for sure!

I have designed this piece with every possible scaffold to ensure the students are able to take it step by step.  If I can avoid the shut downs, that helps. 

Today, I had to do more reteaching in the beginning of the lesson than I had anticipated.  The students are always very nervous to take the first steps on their own when it comes to writing.  I had to review how to use the graphic organizer and how to transfer the information from the graphic organizer to the draft. 

Once I got them started, they seemed to really move along better than anticipated.  The students were almost all able to do the writing on their own and seemed to meet their goals for the day. 

  Rigor: Writing
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Making The Claim-Day 3

Unit 11: Writing a Research Based Argument
Lesson 9 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write an argumentative piece.

Big Idea: Students take their stance on the topic. Are zoos harmful or helpful to endangered species?

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