Reflection: Performance Tasks Presenting the Artifacts - Section 2: Artifact Commentaries


Managing performance tasks can be a challenge, but having one-to-one iPads makes it SO MUCH easier. Now, rather than making time to see every student, I can view videos. This also gives me time to watch sections, pause, take notes, and continue.

I've use iPad video assessment successfully with other types of projects, too. In an acting class, I can film a live performance so that I can watch it again to watch for multiple criteria or to watch  multiple actors. If I want to assess a student's revision skills, I can have them verbally annotate a PDF so that I can see the document they are working with and hear their thoughts.

I'm not a HUGE fan of technology in the classroom (I think it can sometimes take focus away from skills and replace it with focus on fun tricks), but I do appreciate how it can help with assessment.

  Technology Helps Manage Performance Tasks
  Performance Tasks: Technology Helps Manage Performance Tasks
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Presenting the Artifacts

Unit 7: Final Exam
Lesson 2 of 3

Objective: Students will be able to present information in a clear manner by utilizing an artifact commentary.

Big Idea: Practice for success--present artifact commentaries to get feedback.

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English / Language Arts, Presentation Skills, Portfolio, Exam, presentation
  25 minutes
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