Reflection: Shared Expectations Cosmically Cool Planet Research! Day Ten: Space Museum - Section 2: Set Expectations


It's important that we establish clear expectations for behaviors during our space museum.  Most students have the most "trouble" during unstructured times.  I have the students help me build our expectations together, so they feel invested.  I have found this better than if I just give them a list of rules.  Also, discussing the "why" behind an expectation leads students to understand and apply better behaviors.

  Space Museum Expectations
  Shared Expectations: Space Museum Expectations
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Cosmically Cool Planet Research! Day Ten: Space Museum

Unit 5: Out of this World! Exploring Enriching Literature and Cosmically Cool Informational Text
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Objective: SWBAT engage in a discussion one-on-one, or with small groups of students, about the planet they researched. SWBAT answer questions about their planet with appropriate facts, relevant, descriptive details, while speaking clearly and understandably.

Big Idea: The students participate in a "Space Museum". They share information about their planets, reports, and space prop display with each other, and another classroom of students.

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English / Language Arts, research report, Writing, Reading, Comprehension (Reading), Writing Process, research, speaking, listening, space, ask, answer, inquiry based, museum, presetation, question
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