Reflection: Supervising Student Teachers Sticky Spaghetti - Section 1: Silly Spaghetti Observations


When a student teacher gets creative with a lesson like this, they often do not realize the classroom management that needs to go along with it. I encourage my student teachers to let this side of themselves shine, but try to give them lots of support in how to construct a lesson with structure. Sometimes the only way you can learn about lesson structure and classroom management is by having it go a little rough.

In the case of the spaghetti, the class did what you would expect; got a little wild. Getting them to focus again was a bit difficult for her, and when I stood up and walked the room the madness ended. When we discussed the good and the bad, we talked about how to set guidelines before they begin a part of a lesson that could get them hyper. One suggestion I offered was setting up clear and concise expectations and if they do not meet it take it away.  

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Sticky Spaghetti

Unit 16: Poetry
Lesson 8 of 9

Objective: SWBAT write their own concrete poem based on their favorite food and use adjectives correctly in it's organization.

Big Idea: Food is a good motivator in lessons. In this lesson students will play with spaghetti to determine all the ways it can be described. They will then use this same approach to write their own poem.

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