Reflection: Accountability Prove or Disprove: Why is Death and the King's Horseman more than a Clash of Cultures? - Section 4: Wrap Up: What's Next?


The final assessment or the closest I get to a unit exam is the notes on presentations and the response to the unit question: Why is Death and the King's Horseman more than a clash of cultures? For this essay, I am looking for students to use evidence from the presentations, the play, and possibly the Wole Soyinka article to respond to the prompt. This argumentation essay addresses how the play is more than a clash of cultures by incorporating all the these sources. 

Since I am working with advanced students who have strong personal accountability, I felt comfortable assigning the essay as homework. However if I were teaching a gen ed class.  I would have scaffolded it differently.  I would have waited for the next class and given them some type of graphic organizer to help organize their ideas. Once they had their ideas from the presentations, play, and article, I would let them write the essay in class so either myself or one of their peers could answer questions or quickly discuss an idea or point of confusion.  If a student is really struggling with sources, I would tell them to choose their best example from each source and worked with them on how to craft a body paragraph for each of their best evidence.  Regardless of how the writing component is assigned, it is the culminating activity of the unit.  The students should feel as sense of ownership and accomplishment with their final product. 

  Accountability: Answering the Unit Question: How is DATKH more than a clash of cultures?
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Prove or Disprove: Why is Death and the King's Horseman more than a Clash of Cultures?

Unit 9: Death and the King's Horseman
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT analyze and present to the class how the author's choices impact the tension in the play by examining how the Yoruba and the British cope with colonialism.

Big Idea: Students will answer the essential question: Why is Death and the King's Horseman More than a Clash of Cultures?

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English / Language Arts, Postcolonialism, African Literature, Death and the King's Horseman, Wole Soyinka, character development, text structures
  95 minutes
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