Reflection: High Expectations Final Blends Practice - Section 3: Assessing this Task


This activity, as shown in the attached video, can be easily differentiated. 
     It is quite easy to re-teach and review decoding skills during this lesson (as you can see). 
     It is also pretty easy to ask students to extend their learning- "Can you think of another word with your same final blend?"  "Can you use it in a sentence?"  "Can you use two words with the same final blend in one sentence?"

Throughout this task, no matter where the child is entering the learning, I expect them to be able to communicate their thoughts with their partner and with me.  I think it is important for all students to practice their speaking and listening skills while also showing their current knowledge of the task at hand.  If a student is lost and needs help, I am happy to redirect them, but I always make sure that they leave me knowing how to state their learning, so they can share with someone else.  I think these high expectations help my kids communicate their skills much better with each other; and, when kids teach each other, they learn a lot better!

Here is a video of us during this lesson on Final Blends- We were working on decoding mid-lesson.

  High Expectations: Making it Meaningful (and fun)!
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Final Blends Practice

Unit 12: Long Vowels, Blends and Digraphs... Oh My!
Lesson 2 of 6

Objective: SWBAT recognize and produce final consonant blends.

Big Idea: When students learn that they can combine sounds, they are able to read much more quickly!

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