Reflection: Backwards Planning Establishing Claims and Counterclaims through Peer Revision - Section 4: Building Knowledge: Overview of the Celebration of Learning Presentation


From the first day of class, I am thinking about this project.  I tell my students on the first day of class to save everything, you will need it for your final.  This project is my idea of gradual release, my students have to examine their academic and personal growth over this school year.  They have to establish how their learning this year with lead them into their goals.  I want them to embrace their independence as learners. 

Unfortunately, this year I am stress that the projects will not be as successful as in years past. Not because the kids are not ready.  They are a fabulous group.  My fear is with the addition of the counterclaims and the added research time to investigate both claims and counterclaims, I have short changed the development of the presentation.

Normally, I would spend an entire class on the set up. Students would have partner and small group discussions.   Today was more of a quick overview. To maximize the comprehension of this project, students need more time to explore their memories and gather evidence to support their discoveries.

  Culumating Projects
  Backwards Planning: Culumating Projects
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Establishing Claims and Counterclaims through Peer Revision

Unit 10: Cultural Visions: Researching Responses to Essential Questions
Lesson 3 of 9

Objective: SWBAT develop strategies to engage an audience by providing feedback on their peers' claims and counterclaims.

Big Idea: An audience preview: students examine each other's research proposals to make suggestions, ask questions, give positive feedback, and express concerns.

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