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Rigor was this test's theme. I saw students really struggle to get through it in 45 minutes. So, it is a long one, but I think it is a great tool. The standards are listed on the front of the paper, and when I look at it I think about how much "stuff" they are learning in this unit. Prior to CCSS, I would guess only a third left my classroom being able to go through the motions of being able to divide long division. Now, kids are leaving my class with being not only able to divide, understand place value and how all of that fits into repeated subtraction. Its great. Look at this video for some samples and see how my students have done.

  Division and Difficulty
  Unit Exams: Division and Difficulty
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Assessing Division

Unit 9: Division Unit
Lesson 21 of 21

Objective: SWBAT show they have mastered 2,3,4 digit by 1 digit division, word and comparison problems.

Big Idea: Students take a summative assessment to show they have mastered the standards.

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