Reflection: High Expectations Initial Blends Practice - Section 4: Assessing this Task


Throughout this introductory lesson, there are so many avenues for teachable moments.  I think it is crucial that teachers take advantage of those moments as often as possible.

I think it is important that my students always work up (and try to reach the top of my expectations).  I relay this to them when I conference with them through this lesson.  During the "We Do" and "You Do" portions of this lesson, I have students speak directly to me.  This gives me a chance to teach them about blending, decoding, sentence formation and even expression of ideas.

In the video attachment, I am sharing a teachable moment where I obviously expect this student to give me the full answer I am looking for- I provide wait time and give strategies to attempt to get him to answer for himself... then, I end up providing him with the answer and still prompting him one more time.  I think I always need to make sure students have the full answer; even if that means I need to pull them for re-teaching.

  Teachable Moments
  High Expectations: Teachable Moments
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Initial Blends Practice

Unit 12: Long Vowels, Blends and Digraphs... Oh My!
Lesson 1 of 6

Objective: SWBAT to recognize and produce initial consonant blends.

Big Idea: When students learn that they can combine sounds, they are able to read much more quickly!

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