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Let the kids tweek your lessons as they deem necessary to succeed. This doesn't mean changing a lesson or taking it over, it means that when the kids see a need, as in this case a third direction of "same", be willing to adjust your practice and let them have it.

The kids realized on their own that two objects could be the same size and that short and tall did not work to describe when that happens. These kids saw a need and took the initiative to fix it. Celebrate when your students come to that point. It means they are taking ownership of a concept and are learning on their terms. What a great thing to happen!

  Let them have it!
  Student Ownership: Let them have it!
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It's That Tall?

Unit 13: How Does It All Measure Up?
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT to identify objects that are shorter or taller than given objects and put objects in order from tallest to shortest and shortest to tallest.

Big Idea: Before entering first grade, young children need to have a basic understanding of measurement. They do not need to be able to use standard units of measurement, but they must be able to use the basic attributes to make comparisons in length.

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