Reflection: Discourse and Questioning A Discussion Marks the End of Our Reading of “The End of Something” - Section 2: Students Formulate Questions


The Question Formulation Technique essentially engages students in a brainstorming session. As such, they tend to come up with better questions later in the session. I am usually very happy with the questions students ask during these sessions. In this sample list of questions, I think these two students came up with very good questions such as the following series:

“At what point did Marjorie realize how Nick really feels?”

“Does Nick regret breaking up with Marjorie?”

“Was Marjorie expecting Nick to break up with her?”

This series of questions also suggest one question was sparking the next one, which is what is supposed to happen in this activity.

  Discourse and Questioning: On the Question Formulation Technique
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A Discussion Marks the End of Our Reading of “The End of Something”

Unit 5: Modernist Literature
Lesson 7 of 17

Objective: SWBAT gain deeper understanding of this modernist story by formulating questions and engaging in discussion.

Big Idea: Student-formulated questions and an academic discussion can help students gain better understanding of the text at hand.

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