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Although I only planned to have this group of students for thirty minutes a day, there were times when the lesson went quickly or when our time was extended for one reason or another. I always took advantage of these opportunities by asking students to locate examples of today’s term in their own poetry books.

As part of this unit, students were asked to keep a poetry book of their choice in their book boxes. When given the chance, they could quickly go to their boxes, pull out their books, and sneak in a few minutes of independent or buddy poetry reading. Students would read as many poems as possible in the time allotted while searching for specific examples of the term we learned that day. Once they found an example, they would record it on a sticky note and place the notes on their tracker sheets to share later in the day. 

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Poetry: Alliteration

Unit 16: Poetry and Figurative Language
Lesson 2 of 14

Objective: SWBAT recognize the term of the day in a short poetry passage and practice using it in a writing activity.

Big Idea: After learning the definition of alliteration, students practice reading examples in a short poem, and use it in their writing.

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