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This lesson focuses heavily on vocabulary.  The students are working with academic words (naming shapes) and also Tier 1 words (table, block, etc.).  The students are given multiple opportunities to practice using these words.  The problem is that the students really need guidance and modeling to be successful with the vocabulary and large group instruction doesn't always allow for this modeling to occur.  I really value having my students working in diverse groups, but for this lesson, I grouped my English Language Learners and students with limited language exposure together at one table.  I sat at this table for a large portion of the activity.  I modeled using the vocabulary with the students (The mirror is an oval).  I had the students repeat the sentences.  I was surprised that they knew more of the math vocabulary than the Tier I words! 

I realize how this math lessons can really reinforce vocabulary for all learners.  It constructing lessons, I am focusing more and more on how I can expand my students overall vocabulary.  Vocabulary often keeps my students from being successful on standardized tests.  Although, I don't believe that these tests are a true measure of my students abilities, these tests are a reality and my skill as an educator is being assessed right along with the students.  I need to give my students every possible advantage through purposeful construction of my lessons. 

  I Know Shapes-Reviewing Plane Shapes
  ELL Students: I Know Shapes-Reviewing Plane Shapes
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I Know Shapes: Reviewing Plane Shapes

Unit 7: Geometry
Lesson 7 of 14

Objective: Students will be able to identify plane shapes and their characteristics.

Big Idea: The students have been introduced to all the plane shapes. Now it's time to have some fun!

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Math, Geometry, SIOP, ELL, Critical Area, shapes
  25 minutes
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