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Writing is one of those skills, like reading, where in a 6th grade classroom, I will have students whose skills are far beyond their years.  I have to teach to the lowest student in the room and in this case, I had to teach how to use a graphic organizer.  This presents a problem for the students who are well beyond using graphic organizers and are capable and able to just write.  Some students, I have noticed write better if not confined to a graphic organizer.  In this case, what I do is have them follow along with how to complete the organizer, but them give them the choice of using the organizer or not. 

What I noticed today was, most of my more advanced writers would use the organizer just to check their work.  They would write their paragraphs on loose-leaf, but then go back and check the graphic organizer to ensure they had all the pieces.  I would very pleased with this technique as it met their needs and aided them in being successful. 

Some students are not to that point yet and must use the graphic organizer.  This also proves to be extremely beneficial.  It provides them with the structure they need and then allows them to feel more independent with writing. 

  Advanced Students: Writing
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Making The Claim-Day 2

Unit 11: Writing a Research Based Argument
Lesson 8 of 11

Objective: SWBAT write an argumentative piece.

Big Idea: Students take their stance on the topic; Are zoos harmful or helpful to endangered species?

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