Reflection: Performance Tasks Taking Time for Summative Assessment: What Have We Learned So Far and Can We Prove it on a Performance Task? - Section 3: Writing the essay


Grading is an intensive, time consuming process.  Team grading is awesome! My colleagues and I joined together to grade these district writing assessments. Participating in a common grading activity is a great way to make sure we are all sharing expectations for our students.  Some variation is to be expected, however, if the variation is an entire number, that is an issue. During today's common grading, my colleague Tim and I disagreed on an essay.  I thought the essay should score a 3 because of the students strong counterclaim and Tim only gave the essay a 2. Once we discovered the disagreement, we talked about the variation. He had noticed many more mistakes in grammar and mechanics and hadn't noticed the great counterargument. Once we discussed, I realized that while the counterclaim was strong, the student's lack of evidence and mechanical errors earned the student a 2.  

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  Performance Tasks: Grading, grading, grading
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Taking Time for Summative Assessment: What Have We Learned So Far and Can We Prove it on a Performance Task?

Unit 15: Writer's Workshop Google Doc Style: Writing an Editorial
Lesson 9 of 9

Objective: SWBAT defend a claim with three pieces of evidence from text and video by writing an argumentative essay on internet filters in school libraries.

Big Idea: Following a multi-step procedure helps students independently write an argumentative essay

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