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Writing is always one of those tricky areas where students that are ELL or have a specific learning disability find frustration. I have also found that they tend to give up quickly when writing is involved. One way I have found is to limit the writing and offer more direct instruction.

In this lesson, I asked three of my students to just try one detail only. Once their sentence was on paper, I went to each of them, I modeled with instruction, how the explanation would look and sound. I really make a big deal of how hard they worked to give me such a great detail. I then help them with writing the next detail and challenge them to write the explanation.

  Struggling Writers
  ELL Students: Struggling Writers
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Meat and Potatoes: Details for Writing, Adding More Explanation

Unit 25: Beginning Paragraph Writing
Lesson 1 of 5

Objective: SWBAT choose three details from a brainstorm and write a sentence followed with an explanation or added idea that relates to the sentences they have chosen.

Big Idea: Details make your writing more interesting to read. To prepare them for paragraph writing, we start with a brainstorm of a topic, in this case a trip they took this summer. They choose three of those ideas to help create the body of their paragraph.

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English / Language Arts, Writing, paragraph (Composition Basics), Writing Process, supporting details, Graphic Organizer, detail
  56 minutes
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