Reflection: Pacing Reading Acrostics - Poetry of Letters - Section 6: Write One Yourself


Extra activity-I had planned to do this but we just ran out of time. I showed this website to the kids and did one student example. Several of them planned to use it at home.

  • "Let me show you a cool website that you can use to make acrostics.  I'll use an example of yours. I'll open the Acrostic poem website and I'll enter the topic."
  • "Type in words on the 'brainstorming' page'."  
  • This is how I sounded when I was making an acrostic on the computer.
  • "Now look to see what other words you are missing letters for and add those. You can save the work or print it out."

  Pacing: Extra computer opportunity
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Reading Acrostics - Poetry of Letters

Unit 14: Poetry-Rhythm, Rhyme, Repeated Words-Let's Look at Different Kinds of Poetry
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT describe how words and phrases supply meaning in poetry; SWBAT create audio recordings to clarify ideas, thoughts, and feelings.

Big Idea: Read the poem and show your feelings!

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English / Language Arts, Special Education, Reading, rhythm in speech, Poetry, 2nd Grade, intonation, voice, ipad, acrostic poetry, pausing
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