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My students had really blown me away in this unit, to the point that they overshot the lessons I had planned! I originally had not planned for there to be a Group C for this activity, and planned for everyone to count only nickels and pennies.

However, because I have been tracking student work across the first few lessons of this unit, I had data points that showed students were mixing coins in the Ways to Make lesson. I knew they needed more of a challenge then just doing 2 types of coins. Thankfully, the Teachers Pay Teachers store I was using had another set of cards that included all 3 kinds of coins, which I mention in the plan!

  Using Previous Lesson Data
  Data Analysis: Using Previous Lesson Data
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Working Hard for the Money

Unit 14: Time is Money: Hitting all the MD Standards
Lesson 11 of 14

Objective: SWBAT count groups of nickels and pennies together.

Big Idea: Who doesn't love a Donna Summer reference?! Teach students to count nickels and pennies, while also having them compare amounts of money.

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