Reflection: Checks for Understanding You Show Me Yours: Analyzing Plot - Section 2: You Try!! Giving a Short Cycle Assessment


So, this short cycle business is now "required" by our state department of education, but haven't we always been doing it?  The short cycle assessment is a necessary element of any good unit plan.  We must make sure that students are understanding in small increments as we move through a unit of study.  

For this short cycle, I'm using a story map to refine the students' knowledge of character, setting, problem and solution, but I'm really looking at or assessing their understanding of plot events.  I tell them this going in that all of the elements are important, but I'm giving the most emphasis to the plot events part of the story map.  

I can say that the data on these short cycles showed very little improvement.  Most of my students are still at a 1 (below grade level expectations) and it's due very much to this plot event business.  So- more practice is necessary as we continue our study of fiction throughout the remainder of the year.  

  Reflection: The Importance of the Short Cycle
  Checks for Understanding: Reflection: The Importance of the Short Cycle
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You Show Me Yours: Analyzing Plot

Unit 23: Fantastic Fiction: Exploring the Elements of Fiction
Lesson 7 of 16

Objective: SWBAT share their plot events and work together to create one set of plot events to represent a fictional text.

Big Idea: Understanding plot is paramount to understanding fictional texts.

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English / Language Arts, Fiction (Reading), Patricia Polacco, text dependent questions, Mr. Lincoln's Way
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