Reflection: Adjustments to Practice Believe Me! A One Way Trip to Mars is a BAD Idea! Persuasive Writing - Section 4: Persuasive Letter to Prospective Astronauts


I am in the fortunate situation to be teaching two classes.  When I find that something didn't work well in the morning, I can fix it for the afternoon.  :)  While reading the letters from the morning class, I noticed that many of the letters were letters I would not like to send to the future astronauts themselves.  Many said things like, "You deserve to die if you would leave your family FOREVER!"   or "I hope you know that you are most likely going to DIE!"  The students feel strongly about the topic and it showed in their writing.  The way I approached the task with the afternoon class was much different.  When I told the students that we would be sending these letters to the  future astronauts, I also told them to be careful about how they word things to not seem rude or offensive.  Keep that person in mind as you write the letter.  Make sure you try to persuade them to feel the way you do in a KIND way.  I have to say that the letters in the afternoon turned out MUCH better!

  Change in approach with second class
  Adjustments to Practice: Change in approach with second class
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Believe Me! A One Way Trip to Mars is a BAD Idea! Persuasive Writing

Unit 15: Aspiring Authors!
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Objective: SWBAT compose a persuasive letter addressed to Mars One Mission candidates.

Big Idea: The students will learn the elements of a great persuasive letter as they compose a letter to a prospective Mars astronaut persuading the astronaut to either carry out the mission or to rethink their decision about the mission.

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