Reflection: Shared Expectations Sowing the Seeds - Section 1: Student Led Activity


Students quickly learned the routine for reading the questions, turning the questions into an answer stem, and talking with their partners before sharing ideas with the class.

This strong daily routine supported all students in knowing the expectations and how to meet them.  Many more voices were heard from students who might not have otherwise volunteered to speak and share their ideas.

Last week the "announcers" were two very shy and quiet students.  Over the course of the week, they gained an enormous amount of confidence with speaking in front of the class using the microphone.  In the video, one of the "announcers" raised his hand to offer to turn the question into an answer. Teacher and peer support in an emotionally safe environment are crucial to developing confidence in students who tend to hang back.

To encourage lots of students to share, I keep a clipboard with student names and I track who volunteers to answer.  If it is the same 10 students, I ask to hear from someone who has not yet shared.

I remember hearing early in my teaching career, "Who ever does the talking, does all the learning."  I remember this for myself- so I don't drone on and one...and I strive to involve all students in the turn and talks, turn and compares, and sharing out what they or their partner said.

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  Shared Expectations: Active Participation
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Sowing the Seeds

Unit 12: Anti Bullying Curriculum
Lesson 10 of 12

Objective: SWBAT practice what they are learning in the "Stop Bullying Now" curriculum in their interactions with each other in the classroom.

Big Idea: Transfer knowledge into everyday behaviors toward each other!

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