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Groups of students attacked the summary question from different angles which was really cool.  While I had one group say "divide 80 by 10 is 8, 8 x 8 is 64" another said, "divide 80 by 10 which is 8, count down from 80 by 8's two times, and the answer is 64" and another said divide 80 by 10 is 8, 8 x 2 is 16, 80-16 is 64".  It was awesome because at first they argued about who was right, but then after discussion they realized they all approached the problem differently but arrived at the same answer! can solve problems more than one way :)!!!

  Summary Reflection
  Diverse Entry Points: Summary Reflection
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Markdown Percent Models - What Percent Are You Paying?

Unit 3: Percents
Lesson 2 of 21

Objective: Students will be able to solve discount problems using a percent bar model.

Big Idea: Visualize it! If something is 20% off - what percent are you actually paying? Bar models help students SEE the discount!

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