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The students and I want their covers to look as realistic to the real Scholastic News as possible so rather than them draw a picture on the cover, we use our computer lab time to search for and print photographs that represent their main topic. These ended up looking terrific and we got so many positive comments when we displayed them in the hallway. Also, another section that is fun for the students is called Kid’s Corner. The students can get creative with this and make something interesting for their audience, which could be a maze, word search, crossword puzzle, hidden pictures, comic, or any other ideas they can come up with.   


  Cover and Kid's Corner
  Relevance: Cover and Kid's Corner
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Text Structures: Final draft – Day 2

Unit 21: Text Structures Unit
Lesson 21 of 21

Objective: SWBAT create the final draft of their Text Structure paragraphs.

Big Idea: Completing the study of Text Structures

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English / Language Arts, Comprehension (Reading), Reading, compare-and-contrast, description, sequential order, Writing, cause and effect, problem and solution, text structures, paragraph, final draft, day two
  60 minutes
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