Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Fu Finds the Way- Summary Writing - Section 4: Independent Work


All students were successful in writing a 1-3 paragraph summary using their planning sheet to guide them.  I think the reason for their success was due to spending four weeks earlier in the year writing five paragraph essays.  The students are very familiar with the process of using a plan (boxes and bullets) to sequence and elaborate details.  Earlier in the year, students struggled with either writing too much information on their plan, or just copying their plan verbatim without adding elaboration.

Today students did not have either of these problems today.  Actually, they were quite pleased with how easy the summary was to write.  Most students finished during the class period.

  Student Success is built on Previous Unit of Study: The Five Paragraph Essay
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Student Success is built on Previous Unit of Study: The Five Paragraph Essay
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Fu Finds the Way- Summary Writing

Unit 8: Interactive Read Alouds- Perfect Anytime
Lesson 3 of 8

Objective: SWBAT plan and write a 1-3 paragraph summary of a story.

Big Idea: Support summary writing through planning.

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English / Language Arts, sequencing, compare and contrast, synthesis
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fu finds the way
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