Reflection: Rigor Pick, Write & Solve Subtraction - Section 2: Direct Instruction


Higher level questioning pushes kids to reach deeper into the understanding of a concept. Rigor is an important part of Common Core standards. Digging into their own thinking, and articulating it, is necessary for kids if they are to move on to more challenging concepts involving subtraction.

Asking kids how and why subtraction works the way it does prompts them to really consider what subtraction is and how it works. Choose open ended questions that require explanations rather than yes or no answers or a simple number answer solving the problem.

Create opportunities for dialogue and discussion. Allow for debate even, when possible. Kids should challenge each other as well as themselves in a safe and rigorous learning environment.

  Higher level questioning
  Rigor: Higher Level Questioning
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Pick, Write & Solve Subtraction

Unit 9: Subtraction, Subtraction...We all love subtraction!
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Objective: SWBAT read, write and solve a variety of subtraction problems to 10 by pulling random number sentences from a bag.

Big Idea: Kindergarteners need a lot of practice to reinforce learned skills or they quickly forget. The goal here is to help students become autonomous in solving subtraction problems.

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