Reflection: Routines and Procedures The Impossibility of Perfection: Franklin's Speckled Axe & Jefferson's Declaration of Independence - Section 3: Structuring an Argument: The Declaration of Independence


Students took advantage of the time to read, and I experimented in allowing them to listen to music if they had a smart phone or iPod with them. I found that while this kept the students subdued, I'm not convinced it facilitated understanding. Some of the music I could hear was loud enough to hear while walking past, and some seemed faster or more lyrical than that research says helps keep one focused. I think, that in the future, I will provide music; Mingus always works well.

Not everyone finished, of course, and the rest was assigned for homework. 

  Independent Work: Thoughts on Facilitating Focus
  Routines and Procedures: Independent Work: Thoughts on Facilitating Focus
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The Impossibility of Perfection: Franklin's Speckled Axe & Jefferson's Declaration of Independence

Unit 3: Literacy: Rhetorical Devices and Revolutionary Thinking of the Enligtenment
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Objective: SWBAT analyze how Jefferson unfolds his arguments and establishes claims against England and for independence by examining the structure of argument in "The Declaration of Independence."

Big Idea: "We hold these truths to be self-evident," students will need to explain and justify their own arguments. The Declaration of Independence models crafting strong arguments, persuasive appeals, and rhetorical devices for students.

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