Reflection: Student Led Inquiry Measuring with multiple tools - Section 3: Independent Practice


In this estimating to measure video you will see 3 different students' methods for estimating. One student is visually marking off with his pencil for how many unifix cubes he thinks will fit across the pencil. The next student is using her fingers. She spread apart two fingers for what she thought would equal the unit of a unifix cube and then estimating using her fingers to measure with. The last student decided the eraser on the end of her pencil was about the same length as a unifix cube and used it to build her estimate. This is student led inquiry and I love seeing them coming up with their own methods to solve a problem. Measurement is supposed to be an exact skill and it should be taught as such, but First Graders should also be allowed the opportunity to estimate how long an object may be for any given unit. The ability to estimate is a method for solving problems and requires critical thinking. This lesson allowed them an opportunity to use higher order thinking and an opportunity to explain their ideas to me.

  Student Led Inquiry: Varying methods to estimate
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Measuring with multiple tools

Unit 8: Measurement
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Objective: SWBAT express a length using multiple pieces of a shorter object.

Big Idea: My students have practiced measuring using non-standard units. This lesson allows us to discuss why we get varying answers about the same item by using different units.

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