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Understanding a process is important, but if a student doesn't understand why the process works, it's pointless. When students get to algebra they struggle unless they have a conceptual understanding of how and why the processes work.

It is our responsibility as educators to provide the experiences, support and challenges that encourage that kind of internalization of concepts. Building on prior knowledge and creating a staircase of complexity in solving these types of problems builds the bridge needed for kids to confidently understand the concepts behind the math.

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Roll a Subtraction Problem

Unit 9: Subtraction, Subtraction...We all love subtraction!
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT properly structure and solve subtraction problems by rolling a dice and writing the numbers in the proper order and solving.

Big Idea: Kindergartners struggle to understand the structure of subtraction problems. The idea that the larger number must come first is difficult for them to understand. This lesson requires them to use that understanding in order to play the game.

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