Reflection: Grappling with Complexity Literature Circle Discussion Day: A Focus on Characters (Chapters 12-16) - Section 3: Point Of View Interview: Understanding A Character's Perspective


In order to give students a chance understand what we are looking for as they explore a character's point of view, I provided a model of Scout answering an example interview question on the directions. 

I was particularly impressed with many of the groups, such as the one in the enactment video above, who started with a common idea and "reverse-engineered" the question from there. 

One are of concern the students raised was confusion on the questions themselves. A few groups created a list of questions, one for each character, rather than five universal questions. I directed these groups to go back and revise, specifically to make their questions more "generic" or applicable to everyone.

  Brainstorming Interview Questions
  Grappling with Complexity: Brainstorming Interview Questions
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Literature Circle Discussion Day: A Focus on Characters (Chapters 12-16)

Unit 14: Literacy: "To Kill A Mockingbird" Collaborative Study
Lesson 8 of 15

Objective: SWBAT work collaboratively to analyze how complex characters develop over the course of a text, interact with other characters, and advance the plot and develop the themes, through a small-group literature circle discussion.

Big Idea: Continuing collaboratively, students reflect on their strengths and areas in need to improvement before investigating the novel further in their literature circle discussions.

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English / Language Arts, interview, characterization, point of view, literature circles, perspective, discussions, to kill a mockingbird, collaborative learning
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