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I use journal writing for a couple of reasons.  One is to check for student understanding and learning.  In the video clip the student did a good job writing her journal, however, she was sure she had not learned anything new about butterflies.  Because she is in the Third Highest Reading group, I monitored her group more closely than the Highest Reading group, I met with this group during every rotation and observed their conversations and work.  So I know she had her activity sheet filled out and she did discover some new things.  It tells me she did not use her activity sheet to write to the prompt, instead writing what she is familiar with.  One way to help her, and her group, move away from what she is familiar with, is to pull them aside during our writing block for a small group lesson about using information to write narratives.

What I did for this group was during our writing block I pulled them aside with their activity sheets.  I had them develop a hook statement about how interesting butterflies are and then had them transpose their writing from their activity sheets to a 'web organizer'.  They then used the web organizer to group similar pieces of information together.  From there I modeled for them and they practiced writing this information in a narrative form. It should be noted that this was done over several days, while the rest of the class worked on a similar independent writing assignment.

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More than a Life Cycle

Unit 2: Life Cycle of the Flutter Kind
Lesson 5 of 6

Objective: SWBAT describe facts about butterflies other than the life cycle.

Big Idea: Other than being pretty and having an amazing life cycle what’s so special about butterflies?

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