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I love when my students have fun in math.  Playing games are always fun for the students.  I have to be careful when planning some of the game activities because the room could be a little chaotic.  This particular game should only be played in a classroom environment were the the students know how to follow rules.  

In this particular lesson, the game served it purpose of having the students use mental math to multiply multiples of 10 and 100.  As I listened in on the students as they discussed whether or not their numbers were the same, I heard the students use the strategy of multiplying the basic facts and adding the zeros.  The only thing that I would change in the future would be to have smaller prizes for all students and a large prize for the winners.  This way, all students will be rewarded for their efforts.

  Using Mental Math
  Joy: Using Mental Math
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Using Mental Math to Multiply 2-Digit Numbers (Are You My Match?)

Unit 12: Multiplying and Dividing
Lesson 5 of 23

Objective: SWBAT discover and understand patterns used to multiply by 10 and 100.

Big Idea: Basic facts and place-value patterns can be used to mentally multiply a two-digit number by a power of 10.

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