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After I have taught important skills, like the proper use of punctuation (when reading and writing), in the whole group, I like to have students practice these familiar skills in centers.  I like to allow students the opportunity to practice their punctuation skills in a setting with a partner because it gives them a chance to talk their way through the punctuation, using inflection, while also getting feedback from a friend.  Also, students can write their responses or answers down to get practice with that as well.  So, while students work on speaking and listening skills relating to punctuation, they also have a chance to write and see the punctuation marks repeatedly.  Students need multiple exposures to things like this so they can grasp it... and centers are a great place for this!  I think it is important to allow students the chance to show me what they know- and this is how I can assess for deep mastery.

  Extending this Lesson Daily
  Routines and Procedures: Extending this Lesson Daily
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Punctuation Practice

Unit 5: Daily Foundational Skills Practice
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Objective: SWBAT determine which punctuation should be used in certain scenarios.

Big Idea: Is it EXCITING! Telling. or Asking?

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