Reflection: Connection to Prior Knowledge Writing Numerical Expressions - Section 1: Warm-up


This task in and of itself was quite easy for some while very challenging for others. I had a few students over think this, and they expected it to be more difficult. I had quite a solve this using division rather than multiplication, which I then encouraged to also solve the problem using multiplication as well. Therefore, students now saw how the problem could be solved multiple ways. This was of course, a foundational problem that was below level. My purpose in doing this was to increase students' self esteem, and get them to "buy in" the lesson. If they are successful, or if not successful but can map out their/other's thinking then the likely hoof of their "buy in" is greater.

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  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Student Motivation
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Writing Numerical Expressions

Unit 2: Operations & Algebraic Thinking
Lesson 3 of 5

Objective: SWBAT write simple expressions that record calculations with numbers.

Big Idea: Learn how language and math connect!

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Math, order of operations, evaluate expressions
  50 minutes
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