Reflection: Parent Communication Nursery Rhyme Review - Section 4: Extending this Task


This extension task allows students an opportunity to own the reviewed skills.  I like to be able to look at students' texts and see which pieces of information they had understood to look out for.  Also, it gives them a chance to talk to others about the things they notice in an emergent-reader text.  This connects students with speaking and listening skills while also reading for a meaning!

Another reason I LOVE this extension activity is because it can be sent home!  I love for parents to see the little things we are working on when reading and writing.  This small piece of paper gives parents a lot of information, without me having to write each and every thing down.  I think this is a great thing to send home, so we complete tasks like this as often as possible!

  Extensions can go home!
  Parent Communication: Extensions can go home!
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Nursery Rhyme Review

Unit 5: Daily Foundational Skills Practice
Lesson 2 of 4

Objective: SWBAT take apart words in whole and in part to review phonics and phonemic awareness skills.

Big Idea: Take it apart so each piece makes sense!

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