Reflection: Student Self-Assessment Wax Paper Activity (Day 1 of 2) - Section 2: Designing poster


The group in the first part of the video is organizing the project and starts to question if they need to have the definition of each conic on their poster.  A student gets out the scoring guide and directions for the project and reads to verify what is required. After reading the requirements the group decides that the definitions are not required but they can always have more than what is expected.

I like how the students used the instructions to make a decision. Having a limit on the number of questions they can ask always makes students read and analyze the directions.

In the last part of the video another group is reading through the directions to verify what is needed on the poster. Again students are not asking for me to restate what is needed they are using the scoring guide to direct their projects.

  Student Self-Assessment: Organizing the project
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Wax Paper Activity (Day 1 of 2)

Unit 5: Conics
Lesson 11 of 13

Objective: SWBAT write equations for conics.

Big Idea: Through a poster students place wax paper designs made in previous lessons on a graph then determine the equation for the conic represented by the design.

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Math, parabola, conic sections, circles, hyperbola, ellipse, Conics
  45 minutes
conic project
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