Reflection: Classroom Setup Talk Your Way Through Plant Parts - Section 3: Introduce the Activity


There are two keys to this lesson: setting up the activity in a fun way, and making sure your expectations are relayed for the activity.

I set up this activity ahead of time; this is key because it takes a couple of minutes.  I usually do this activity's set up while my kids are in their special areas class (when I won't have to take away from learning time).  In order to set up the activity, I make sure to place pictures all around the room, rotating them in different ways before taping them.  I turn the pictures in different ways to ensure that students will have to rotate them for themselves to decipher which parts they can really see. 

I am clear with directions in this activity.  It is important that students know my expectations.  I want them to get their cards, have think time and go through the motions during think time where they will THINK the most.  Also, I want them to understand what they need to be discussing during talk time.  So, I make sure to relay my expectations well so students know what they will need to be doing at all times throughout the lesson.

  Set Up is Key
  Classroom Setup: Set Up is Key
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Talk Your Way Through Plant Parts

Unit 15: Cross Curricular Experiences
Lesson 5 of 7

Objective: SWBAT use their speaking and listening skills to learn their about the parts of plants.

Big Idea: I will show you some parts; now you have to create the whole image!

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