Reflection: Flexibility Determine The Graph of a Proportional Relationship - Section 2: Problem Solving


When we arrived at this section of the lesson it seemed right to change the order of work.  I asked students to first examine the various tables and determine if the relationships were proportional or not.  This was a nice review and tie in to the previous two lessons:

Determine Equivalent Ratios:  Scale Factor Between Ratios

Determine Equivalent Ratios:  Scale Factor Between Terms

This also allowed us to know right away whether or not we were graphing a proportional relationship or not.  The lesson is already set up so that the first question is to determine the proportional relationship, but sometimes my students miss these details in text  Having the discussion first on the various tables allowed us to make the determination and then label the tables as proportional or not proportional.  

Once this was done, we could spend our energy on graphing points and determining the two characteristics of a proportional relationship graph.

  Identifying Proportional Relationships in a Table
  Flexibility: Identifying Proportional Relationships in a Table
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Determine The Graph of a Proportional Relationship

Unit 2: Proportional Relationships
Lesson 8 of 12

Objective: SWBAT determine if a graph represents a proportional relationship

Big Idea: Students look for two key features of graphs that are proportional.

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Math, Number Sense and Operations, coordinate plane, graph of proportional relationships
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