Reflection: Real World Applications Crafting Your Blogger Profile - Section 3: Parting Advice!


By now, at this point in the 2nd decade of the 21st c., students are more fully aware that their "digital lives" can come back to haunt them.  Many of them know that holding a red solo cup in numerous pictures, taken in some kids basement over a weekend might be damaging to their long range plans. They are also more and more aware that any content they post, of themselves or others, can we circulated and even "mashed-up" in a matter of minutes.  By and large, they are more careful now than they were two or three years ago; they know their can be consequences to stupid actions!

So, this is an excellent context in which to point out that their profiles ought to really sing!  Just as they do not want to be misrepresented by foolish Facebook photos, they ought to want to put their best foot forward in a Blogger Profile for the whole world to read!

  Yet Another Opportunity to Emphasize Appropriate Internet Voice
  Real World Applications: Yet Another Opportunity to Emphasize Appropriate Internet Voice
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Crafting Your Blogger Profile

Unit 9: Blogging About Your Research Interests and Writing
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Objective: Students will be able to develop their (first?) web-based biography in order to establish a web-based voice and persona.

Big Idea: ... everyone needs a web presence ...

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