Reflection: Classroom Setup Creating Your (First) Blog Using Blogger - Section 1: Introduction and Context


Last semester I used Google Sites, and my students created something I called the "Research Notebook."  The site was a place for writing (with Announcements) as well as a place to store files (File Cabinet as a portfolio) and keep research notes (a List template).  While I thought that the Site had its charms, ultimately, I felt it might be too "static" -- that is the structure and/or nature of a Site seems more like a traditional "assignment" and less like a place to publish.  So, I changed it up this semester, and my students created blogs with Blogger.  In the future, though, I may use a combination of both; Sites for research notes and projects as well as file/portfolio storage with Blogger for day-to-day writing and reflection.

  Why Blogger?
  Classroom Setup: Why Blogger?
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Creating Your (First) Blog Using Blogger

Unit 9: Blogging About Your Research Interests and Writing
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Objective: SWBAT launch their (first) blog, utilizing their Blooger accounts.

Big Idea: ... blogging is a ubiquitous form of academic, professional, and personal expression ...

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