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Students were challenged by thinking through author's craft primarily because they have not written a fiction story this year. This current group did write one in 6th grade however, therefore I was able to have them think back to that story when they were struggling with author's craft and think about why they made certain moves as authors.

A couple things I have thought about teaching before I broach this skill with another group. I could; teach a unit on fiction writing, compose a story in front of them for a short lesson and show how I think through my craft moves as an author or show an interview with an author about how they craft stories.  

  Challenge of thinking through author's craft
  Connection to Prior Knowledge: Challenge of thinking through author's craft
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Thinking about Theme through Author's Craft

Unit 12: Literary Essay Part Two; reading two more stories in order to craft comparative essays
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Objective: SWBAT think about how the author crafted the story in order to analyze the differing points of view in the story.

Big Idea: Getting in Clifton's head.

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