Reflection: Student Grouping Adding a Soliloquy - Part 1 - Section 2: Lesson/Group Work


Once I learn my students and have them organized into groups, I rarely move them.  I have some people together on purpose and others separated on purpose.  I like to allow them to become a small "family" so they know each others personalities and like brother and sisters will call each other out when needed.

This helps with assignments like this and I rarely have students have major disagreements; however, it will happen and did with one of my groups.  Instead of moving them though- as no one was in major jeopardy - I told them to work it out.  I explained that in life you have to compromise and that is part of collaboration.  I reminded them of what is expected, offered suggestions, stood near and listened to them work it out.

I think too often we scoop in and fix the problem. Working this out was part of the lesson for that group today -nothing wrong with that.

  Student Agreement or Lack Off
  Student Grouping: Student Agreement or Lack Off
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Adding a Soliloquy - Part 1

Unit 11: Drama Unit
Lesson 12 of 15

Objective: SWBAT use google docs to collaborate as they edit and enhance a dramatic scene.

Big Idea: To collaborate or not to collaborate? This is not an option.

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