Reflection: Lesson Planning Confessions of a Former Bully II - Section 2: Partner work


I spent a bit of time planning out the twelve tasks the students would be responsible to teach to the rest of the class.  I had students in pairs, with the exception of the role play and that was a group of four students.  My thinking was that I wanted the students to take ownership of the information they were teaching.  Ownership will push students to understand and use what they are learning in their daily interactions with others.

  Lesson Planning: Lesson Preparation
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Confessions of a Former Bully II

Unit 8: Interactive Read Alouds- Perfect Anytime
Lesson 2 of 8

Objective: SWBAT orally present to the class an important idea, truth, or fact about bullying using a visual aid.

Big Idea: Students Take Responsibility for Teaching Each Other!

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English / Language Arts, sequencing, compare and contrast, synthesis
  40 minutes
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