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I got so excited about this lesson and having students learn about other cultures that I brought it to my principal to see if we could implement it throughout our yearly schedule. She loved the idea and we went forward to create an information board and school-wide cultural focus schedule. So much fun to hear students sharing about their backgrounds and being proud of their heritage. I attached a monthly schedule here but you will notice that we excluded Antarctica and added the Pacific Islands. We created this to from student groups identified at our school and wanted to give each a time slot to present facts and share food, clothing, artifacts or traditions from their nationality.

Teachers have shared it has been a great way for them to integrate cultural studies in their units. This type of culture study and having students build their own knowledge through research is a Common Core focus for all grades. It also builds a strong sense of community and involves parents in the learning process. I send home our focus in my weekly newsletter and invite parents and family members to come share their stories as well. We wanted to have a cultural day at school to offer an additional way to involve the community, but we couldn't organize it this year - still considering it for next year. We take pictures of those who share and post them on our cultural board. I also used the information gathered from each student to create a map of cultures in our classroom. I took each students' picture and pasted it on a large world map in the location of their nationality. Those who had two nationalities - had two pictures posted. It was fun for us to see the clusters in certain continents and to identify the similarities and differences between the groups.     


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Passport to Learning About Our World

Unit 8: Emigrants - Immigrants - Refugees...all are welcome here!
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Objective: SWBAT...research and create "passports" summarizing factual information collected on the seven continents, their peoples, languages, traditions and customs.

Big Idea: Understanding about others lifestyles helps us to build acceptance and friendships.

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