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For better or for worse, I teach vocabulary the way I was taught, and the way I was trained as an SAT tutor, which may make a more traditionalist who teaches roots, prefixes, and suffixes groan.  Not that I ignore such elements; much of the time, in my explanation to my students of a word's definition, we discuss the root that may be hiding in it, or the consistent meaning of a prefix.  Knowing that many of my students have explored these elements more formally in the lower grades, I have adopted what some might consider a backwards approach to continued vocabulary development.

However, an easy adjustment to my approach, should any teacher so desire, is to include root/prefix/suffix definitions or reminders in the vocabulary reviews, as they apply to each word. While my approach tends to be more informal and oral as we work through the powerpoint, this is information that could readily be incorporated into each slide.

This is simply what works for me, and seemingly for my students, who consistently adopt and use the new vocabulary they learn with me throughout our discussions and in their writing.  Whichever way a teacher chooses to keep vocabulary alive in a classroom has my support, so long as it's breathing on a weekly basis!

  The Best Way To Learn Vocabulary Is . . .?
  Lesson Planning: The Best Way To Learn Vocabulary Is . . .?
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Vocabulary Sixteen Review

Unit 11: To Kill a Mockingbird Part I
Lesson 7 of 9

Objective: SWBAT participate in a guided review of vocabulary words culled from Part One of To Kill a Mockingbird.

Big Idea: Did Harper Lee take the SAT?

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English / Language Arts, Vocabulary, Literature, American Literature, questioning, inference, to kill a mockingbird
  70 minutes
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