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I love that this lesson and our plan for the next few days is so connected to my students.  I had actually planned this a little differently. I was going to have students work primarily with stage directions for improving The Book Thief script -then go to Romeo and Juliet to study the soliloquy. However, several groups came up with the idea of adding a soliloquy to improve The Book Thief script yesterday, so I was inspired and changed my plan.

On top of the coolness of this, this allows the students to have ownership of what they are doing -automatic buy-in!

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The Soliloquy Solution

Unit 11: Drama Unit
Lesson 11 of 15

Objective: SWBAT analyze the use of a soliloquy in drama.

Big Idea: It worked for Shakespeare, could it work for us?

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English / Language Arts, Literature, Writing, soliloquy, drama, dramatic literature
  35 minutes
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