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It came to my attention this week as students worked on the comparison of film and text versions that, while I had used it, my students where unclear on the term "medium".  Some of them understood, but a vast majority did not. What I realized while reading their work later was that I missed a golden opportunity.  I should have required them to utilize the word in the written task. 

Then, I realized why stop there? I should have required them to use at least two dramatic terms in the written task.  This may have helped them be more focused all the way around.

So, I saw an opportunity for them to both demonstrate an understanding and hopefully enhance their work for today by discussing this concept.  This fits nicely since they are working to improve the script today.

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Revising with Dramatic Vocabulary

Unit 11: Drama Unit
Lesson 10 of 15

Objective: SWBAT use dramatic vocabulary to determine needed revisions to the text of a drama.

Big Idea: Is vocabulary the missing puzzle piece?

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