Reflection: Data Analysis Reflecting on our Essential Question, Anthem Jeopardy, and Test (Day 7) - Section 3: Anthem Assessment


As I reviewed test scores, most of my students did well on the multiple choice portions of the test. I think this was due to to the activities that they completed at home, as well as the in-class discussions and class activities. Okay, I suppose Ayn Rand played a small part because my students seemed to really enjoy the book.

My students struggled a bit with the essay question on which they were supposed to compare the speaker and character in Anthem. One reason that I think this happened is because they needed to write an entire essay in a short period of time. The directions asked students to develop an essay comparing each stanza. What I got was a list of comparisons--they forgot the essay part. The good thing is that their comparisons were excellent. Overall, I will need to work on what it means whenever a test says ESSAY.

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Reflecting on our Essential Question, Anthem Jeopardy, and Test (Day 7)

Unit 14: Making My Point: Anthem
Lesson 7 of 7

Objective: SWBAT identify themes, make inferences about the characters, and compare similar ideas presented in two different texts by playing jeopardy and taking a summative assessment.

Big Idea: All students are winners today on the jeopardy game and on the assessment

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