Reflection: Lesson Planning Movie vs. Dramatic Adaptation - Part 3 - Section 2: Independent Work


The key to finishing the movie in the allotted time is being aware of the run time and managing your time well each day.  You cannot afford those side tracks that students love to get us on.

Plot out your time diving it across the available viewing time each day. I promise something will throw a wrench it in at some point, but being flexible is part of being a teacher.

The biggest thing is that you must finish the film.  If you don't value the story, why should they?

  What if I don't finish the movie quick enough?
  Lesson Planning: What if I don't finish the movie quick enough?
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Movie vs. Dramatic Adaptation - Part 3

Unit 11: Drama Unit
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Objective: SWBAT compare and contrast the film version of The Book Thief and Scholastic Scope's dramatic adaptation of the same film.

Big Idea: Yea, their both round, but it's clear, we're talking about apples and oranges here.

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apples and oranges
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