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I don't use the binding machine very often, which is the first clue that mistakes were made here. In the past, anything I have put together in a book Reflection Letters lesson link happened to be written or drawn on copy paper, but that was just fortunate luck.  It's hard to believe that after twenty-one years of teaching, I didn't realize it had to be on copy paper, but I didn't.   I now know it's nearly impossible to use the thing if notebook paper is involved. 

My book turned out ok, but is rather delicate due to some hole-punching that went awry.  A solution is to glue the notebook paper on copy paper before making the book or......NEVER USE NOTEBOOK PAPER IN THE BINDING MACHINE!

  The Binding Machine
  Adjustments to Practice: The Binding Machine
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Bouncing Off an Author Presentation

Unit 12: Creative Writing Fun
Lesson 7 of 8

Objective: TSWBAT respond to an author presentation through a classroom creative writing book.

Big Idea: Listening to an author speak inspires on many levels.

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